Code: HI7-1034


Product Code: HI7-1034

  • Superb high temperature properties providing extended lubrication intervals
  • Excellent corrosion protection even in humid environments
  • EP additives and PTFE to extend component life
  • Reduction in carbon residues associated with conventional high temperature greases


  • Due to its low base oil viscosity of 46 cSt at 40oC, Hi-Tec Synplex EP 2 Grease is particularly suited to the lubrication of electric motors, but it can also be used as a multi-purpose heavy duty industrial grease for many applications up to 220oC or down as low as -40oC.
  • It provides excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance and its outstanding structural stability in the presence of water helps retain its performance in hostile aqueous environments. The low volatility characteristics of the synthetic base oils help resist viscosity increases at high temperatures. All these characteristics result in improved bearing life and extended service life with longer intervals between re-lubrication.
  • Hi-Tec suggests that the equipment manufacturers’ recommendations for grade, performance requirements and general operating conditions should be checked prior to use.Hi-Tec Synplex EP 2 Grease can be applied manually, or by using a standard grease gun. As with all greases used for the first time, check compatibility with the grease applied previously and if necessary clean equipment prior to application. Likewise, as a general rule, take care not to over-lubricate and apply the quantity of grease recommended by the manufacturer.

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Synplex EP 2 Grease is a premium quality, lithium complex thickened, Polyalphaolefin (PAO) based full synthetic grease for use in plain and anti-friction bearings. It is designed to withstand high temperatures over extended periods without leaving the dry residues associated with conventional high temperature grease.
The use of EP additives and PTFE reduces friction and self-generating temperatures. It also provides excellent lubrication at sub-zero and ambient temperatures making this an extremely versatile multi-purpose grease.

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Synplus SM/CF 5W30 Full Synthetic Engine Oil

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Full synthetic oil for petrol and light diesel engines

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