Code: HI3-2510


Product Code: HI3-2510

Product Benefit

  • A specialised Transmission and Drive Train Oil (TDTO)
  • Meets the special requirements of the Caterpillar TO-4™ (2005 revision) specification.
  • Reduces gear wear, improves friction control, promotes long life in transmission and brakes


Hi-Tec Trans SAE 10W is suitable for the following applications:

  • Caterpillar TO-4™ (Version 2005) • Caterpillar TO-2™ (obsolete)
  • Komatsu KES 07.868.1 powertrain fluid • Komatsu Dresser
  • Dana Powershift: SAE10W and SAE30
  • Allison C-4 and Allison C-3 (obsolete): SAE 10W and SAE30
  • API: GL-3 • API: GL-4 Gear Wear Protection Capability
  • API: CF & CF-2 (SAE 30, 40, and 50 in case of misapplication as an engine oil)
  • ZF TE-ML03C (converter transmissions for off-road equipment):SAE10W and SAE30
  • ZF TE-01 (list obsolete): SAE30 and SAE50 • Eaton: SAE50
  • Vickers 35 VQ25: SAE10 • Tremec/TTC: SAE50
  • Spicer Clark-Hurth: SAE 10W and SAE30


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Hi-Tec TRANS SAE 10W is a specialised Transmission and Drive Train Oil (TDTO) which has been formulated to meet the special requirements of the Caterpillar TO-4™ (2005 revision) specification.
Hi-Tec TRANS greatly reduces gear wear, improves friction control, promotes long life in transmission and brakes, and ensures less brake noise and increased rimpull.
Hi-Tec TRANS is not a compromise fluid as are conventional powershift fluids, which are fundamentally engine oils meeting the former less restrictive CAT TO-2™ and Allison C-2 specifications.
CONTROLLED FRICTION PERFORMANCE. The individual additive components of Hi-Tec TRANS were specially selected to balance and control the friction performance of the materials comprising the metallic and the newer non-metallic clutch surface materials.
STABLE FRICTION CHARACTERISTICS. The frictional properties uniquely provided by Hi-Tec TRANS overcome problems of excessive brake noise, weakening of the binders in paper surface materials and embrittlement of elastomeric materials. Hi-Tec TRANS’s stable friction properties eliminate clutch slippage even under heavy loads on steep inclines. There is no need to constantly adjust equipment to maintain clutch settings.
OXIDATION STABILITY. The excellent anti-oxidation properties of Hi-Tec TRANS together with the resistance to sludge formation provide longer oil drain intervals and far more reliable equipment operation.
LOWER TEMPERATURE PERFORMANCE. The low temperature fluidity of Hi-Tec TRANS ensures easier cold weather starting and improved wear protection with low temperature startups.
ANTI-WEAR PROPERTIES. Long term anti-wear protection to gears and bearings is assured by the inclusion of special anti-wear additives. The foam inhibitors in Hi-Tec TRANS provide effective protection against foam development thus avoiding metal-to-metal contact and further minimising wear.
CORROSION PROTECTION. Long term rust and corrosion protection to steel and copperbased metal is assured by the inhibitors in Hi-Tec TRANS.
Hi-Tec TRANS is recommended for many heavy duty transmissions and drives in a wide range of automotive, mining, agricultural and earthmoving applications and particularly:
Caterpillar™ Transmissions
Hi-Tec TRANS meets the Caterpillar TO-4™ performance specifications and may be used in manual transmissions which have the API-CD/Caterpillar TO-2™ oil recommendation.
Hi-Tec TRANS transmission fluid is the ideal product for Final Drives: Track type: tractors, pipe-layers, skidders, loaders and track excavators Wheel Type: tractors, loaders, skidders, compactors, motor graders, off-highway tractors and trucks.

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