Code: HI1-2131


Product Code: HI1-2131

Product Benefits

  • Maximum protection available for modern high temperature outboard engines
  • Developed to meet the changing needs and increasing severity of water cooled Outboard Engines
  • Formulated for low aquatic toxicity to fish


Hi-Tec Outboard Oil TCW-3 meets:

  • NMMA TC-W3 Recertified
  • API TC


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Hi-Tec Outboard Oil TCW-3 is the latest of an evolutionary chain of lubricating oils which was developed to meet the changing needs and increasing severity of water cooled Outboard Engines. Hi-Tec Outboard Oil TCW-3 exceeds the requirements of the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) TC-W3 oil standard.
Hi-Tec Outboard Oil TCW-3 offers the maximum protection available for modern high temperature outboard engines and its formulation also provides outstanding performance when used in 2 stroke motor-cycle engines, chain saws, lawn mowers etc. It is suitable for use with unleaded fuel.

The combination of an ashless two-cycle additive package with paraffinic oxidation stable base oils and solvent has produced an Outboard Motor Oil which exceeds the TC-W3 requirements, including the two consecutive Mercury 15 HP tests under the new 15 HP Pass/Fail Criteria, the OMC 70 HP test, the improved lubricity performance standard and the 40 HP procedure. Outboard manufacturers wanted improved lubricant performance in the area of:

  • Rust protection
  • Ring sticking
  • Ring wear
  • Lubricity
  • Detergency

Hi-Tec Outboard Oil TCW-3 is the product which satisfies all of the above improved performance requirements. In addition it uses an additive system designed to reduce the tendency of older oils to form gels or become hazy during storage or at low temperatures. Hi-Tec Outboard Oil TCW-3 is formulated for low aquatic toxicity to fish. The low aquatic toxicity requirements are appearing in various environmental standards and regulations and this product meets existing industry aquatic toxicity requirements. Hi-Tec Outboard Oil TCW-3 has an LC 50 of > 4000 ppm and it is therefore considered Not Harmful in terms of Aquatic Toxicity.
Hi-Tec Outboard Oil TCW-3 is the prime recommendation for all water-cooled 2 stroke outboard engines such as Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Chrysler, Suzuki, Yamaha and Tohatsu. Hi-Tec Outboard Oil TCW-3 can be used in 2 stroke motor cycle engines, chain saws and lawn mowers, whether they are equipped with an automatic oil injection system or require premixed oil/petrol mixtures. It is highly recommended that oil/petrol ratios should follow the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations very carefully.
Hi-Tec Outboard Oil TCW-3 is dyed dark purple so that the appearance of oil/petrol mixtures easily confirms whether or not oil has been added to the petrol.

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Mineral oil based two stroke oil (water cooled).

Chemical Characteristics

Density, kg/L at 15oC D.1298 0.873, Viscosity, cSt at 100oC D.445 8.36, at 40oC D.445 51.43, Viscosity Index 140, Ash, Sulphated % Mass – 0.002, Flash Point, PMCC, oC D.93 89, Pour Point, oC D.97 -36, Cloud Point, oC D.2500 -13, Total Base Number D.2896 10, Nitrogen, % Mass D.4629 0.16, Miscibility (Inversions) 101 (Passing Limit < 107), Fluidity (Brookfield, cP @ -25oC) 6910, (Passing Limit < 7500)


Dark Purple


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