Code: HI5-2752



Hydraulic HVI ZF 46 meets or exceeds the following demanding performance requirements:

  • Vickers I-286-S, M-2950-S
  • AFNOR NFE 48-603 (HM)
  • Hagglunds-Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2
  • Cincinnati Milacron P-70 DIN 51524, Part 2
  • ISO 6743/4 (HM)
  • US Steel 136, 127
  • SEB 181 222
  • VDMA 24318 SS155434

Hi-Tec Oils suggests that the equipment manufacturers’ recommendations for viscosity grade, performance requirements and general operating conditions should be checked prior to use.

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Hydraulic HVI ZF 46 is a specialised premium zinc-free, high viscosity index hydraulic oil which has been formulated to handle extremes of operating temperatures, pressures, power densities and fluid flow rates that are associated with very high horse-power hydraulic systems. The oil provides unique, long life operating service characteristics by a combination of anti-wear, detergent and very shear stable viscosityimproving additives with proven rust, oxidation, corrosion and foam inhibitors.

Hydraulic HVI ZF 46 ensures excellent filterability with hydrolytic and demulsibility stability. Hydraulic HVI ZF 46 is not normally recommended as a lubricant for compressors, circulating systems, bearings, general purpose lubrication and enclosed gears where extreme high-pressure load characteristics are not required. For these applications, use Hi-Tec Compressor Oils.


The anti-wear additives in Hydraulic HVI ZF 46 ensures special protection where very high pressures, power densities and temperatures are inherently experienced with high horse-power hydraulic pumps operating at pressures up to 28,000 kPa (4000 psi). This fluid allows hydraulic systems to give long, trouble-free service when operating with the increased horsepower, increased temperatures, reduced oil volume reservoirs and resultant reduced de-aeration times. Hydraulic HVI ZF 46 possesses excellent filterability even in the presence of moisture contamination where other lubricants may cause deposition products which plug filter systems (formed as a result of hydrolytic instability particularly with non-ferrous hydraulic components). This may lead to pump starvation and ultimately premature wear, cavitation and equipment failure.

Hydraulic HVI ZF 46 is a multi-grade oil, unlike the more conventional fluids, have smaller viscosity changes with temperature variations. At very high operating temperatures experienced in high horsepower hydraulic systems, this property results in improved full-bodied, wear reducing, lubricating films compared to the thinned-out fluidity of the more conventional hydraulic fluids.

This special viscosity control property is maintained by the very high shear stable viscosity improver (VI) incorporated in Hydraulic HVI ZF 46 where other lesser VIs would shear down to less wear-protective thinned-out fluids and thus shorten the life of the hydraulic equipment. The high aniline point of Hydraulic HVI ZF 46 ensures good compatibility with synthetic rubbers, giving extended life to seals. The powerful anti-oxidation inhibitors of Hydraulic HVI ZF 46 reduces oxidation so that degradation is inhibited, thereby reducing corrosion related problems of shortened hydraulic life, erratic control valve operation, filter plugging, down time and so on.

Hydraulic HVI ZF 46 has multi-metal compatibility with the ability to control wear and corrosion of copper and aluminium alloys used in high performance pumps. Corrosion inhibitors and metal passivators formulated in these fluids, in severe operating service, prevent corrosion of steels and the above more easily attacked metals. The anti-foam additive in Hydraulic HVI ZF 46 ensures any entrained air will quickly separate from the fluids so that wear producing metal-to-metal contact is avoided.