Code: HI1-2111


Product Code: HI1-2111

Product Benefits

  • Full Synthetic Base oils extended oil service life and provide excellent cold start protection.
  • Meets the API SP performance level which addresses Low Speed Pre Ignition (LSPI)
  • Provides outstanding oxidation and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent emission control.
  • Protects the Catalytic Converter.
  • Fuel Efficiency

Hi-Tec Synplus SP GF-6 5W/30 meets or exceeds:

  • API: SP, SN, SM, SL, Resource Conserving
  • ILSAC: GF6A, GF-5, GF-4, 
  • Ford: WSS-M2C946-B1 and WSS-M2C961-A
  • Chrysler: MS-6395 Rev AA


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Hi-Tec Synplus SP GF-6 5W/30 is the ultimate full synthetic lubricant for engine protection and fuel efficiency in new and older petrol engines. It meets and exceeds the latest API SP specification, has ILSAC GF-6A fuel efficiency performance and is able to be used for older API petrol specifications. It has been particularly developed for vehicles requiring the Chrysler MS-6395 Rev AA specification. Synplus SP GF-6 5W/30 is made using full synthetic base oils and specially selected additive systems; producing a low SAPS, high performance engine oil that combines the latest development in oil formulation and additive technology to provide lubricating oil with the highest level of protection. Synplus SP GF-6 5W/30 is suitable for petrol four stroke engines especially small turbo charged engines operating under moderate, severe, or varied operating conditions, such as low temperature start up, stop-and-go driving, and high temperature motorway driving. In recent years manufacturers have developed smaller, higher output engines that also need to meet stricter fuel economy limits. Although smaller engines decrease vehicle weight and improve fuel economy, they also need better lubricants due to:

  • Increased heat output – accelerates acid formation, nitration, and formation of deposits and sludge. These conditions degrade the oil and rapidly increase oil viscosity and decrease fuel economy.
  • Increased engine pressures and speed – make it harder for the oil to maintain a lubricant film to prevent metal on metal contact. This metal on metal contact accelerates valve train wear.
  • Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) – occurs in some turbo charged small capacity engines.

Synplus SP GF-6 5W/30 is designed to meet all these challenges to the lubricating systems of modern engines.


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Chemical Characteristics

Density, kg/lt @15oC 0.855, Viscosity, cSt @100oC 9.8, cSt @40oC 54, Cranking, cP @-30oC 6287, Viscosity Index 169, Total Base Number, mg KOH/g 8.33, Flash Point, oC min 222




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