Synplus 5W/30 DXS

Code: HI1-2105

Synplus 5W/30 DXS

Product Code: HI1-2105

Product Benefits

  • Premium Full Synthetic, Super High Performance Petrol Engine Oil
  • Designed to meet the General Motors Dexos 1 performance standards
  • Provides significant wear protection, improved piston cleanliness,
    reduction in oil volatility and oil consumption
  • Manufactured using the latest development in oil formulation

Hi-Tec Synplus DXS 5W/30 meets or exceeds:

  • GM: DXS 1 Gen 2 
  • GM-LL-A-025, GM 4718M, GM 6094M
  • ILSAC: GF-5, GF-4

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Hi-Tec Synplus DXS 5W/30 is a full synthetic, super high-performance petrol engine oil designed to meet the GM DXS 1 Gen 2 specification performance standards, combining the latest development in oil formulation and additive technology to provide a lubricating oil with the highest level of protection whilst promoting fuel efficiency in modern low friction engines.
Hi-Tec Synplus DXS 5W/30 provides significant wear protection, improved piston cleanliness, reduction in oil volatility and oil consumption, enhanced aeration control for improved fuel efficiency, and better oxidation properties. It thus improves fuel economy, better protects engines and reduces emissions.

  • Improved viscometric properties, creating less friction in the engine which contributes to improved fuel economy and longer oil change intervals.
  • Resists aeration thus enabling fuel-saving devices, such as Variable Valve Timing equipment, to work optimally.
  • Offers improved oxidation and deposit-forming resistance allowing emission and catalysed exhaust systems to operate efficiently and longer.
  • Resists oil degradation, extending the time and mileage intervals between oil changes.

Hi-Tec Synplus DXS 5W30 is designed for use in all General Motors vehicles with petrol engines and including those requiring GM-LL-A-025, GM 6094M and GM 4718M specification oils. It should not be used in those with Duramax diesel engines requiring the use of API CJ-4 engine oil. Thus Hi-Tec Synplus DXS 5W/30 meets the General Motors Dexos target of creating one oil to service advanced petrol engine vehicles whilst still providing the appropriate lubrication and protection to older vehicles.

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Synplus 5W/30 DXS

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Full synthetic oil for petrol and light diesel engines

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