Synplus SN/CF 5W/30

Code: HI1-2076

Synplus SN/CF 5W/30

Product Code: HI1-2076
Product Benefits

  • High quality lubricating oil with the highest level of protection
  • Premium Full Synthetic low SAPs Engine Oil
  • Super High Performance
  • Manufactured using the latest development in oil formulation

Hi-Tec Synplus 5W/30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil meets or exceeds:

  • SN, SM, SL, SJ, SH, CF, CE, CD
  • ACEA: C3
  • GM: DXS 2
  • Mercedes Benz: 229.31, 229.51
  • BMW Longlife: LL-04

Suitable for use in vehicles manufactured prior to 2009 requiring the ACEA  A3/B4 or A3/B3 performance levels.


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Synplus SN/CF 5W/30 is a full synthetic, low SAPS, super high performance engine oil which combines the latest development in oil formulation and additive technology to provide a lubricating oil with the highest level of protection.
Today’s environmentally conscious market demands reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency. This has led to the development of new engine designs resulting in demands for higher quality lubricants.
In recent years car manufacturers have developed smaller, higher output engines to meet stricter fuel economy limits. Small engines help decrease vehicle weight and improve economy but these engines impact lubricants through:
Increased heat which accelerates the rate of oil oxidation, nitration and deposit formation. This degrades the oil and encourages the creation of more acid and increases viscosity.
Increased pressure and speed which makes it harder for the oil to maintain a lubricant film to prevent metal on metal contact. This accelerates valve train wear.
Emission Control. Most of today’s petrol engines are fitted with three way catalytic converters which reduce emissions of CO, NOx and unburned carbon. These catalytic converters comprise a Reduction Catalyst, which converts NOx to harmless Nitrogen, and an Oxidation Catalyst which burns the CO and hydrocarbons. Catalytic converters however are susceptible to SAPS (Sulfated Ash, Phosphorous and Sulfur) which are present in engine oil detergents, anti-wear additives and base oils. Synplus SN/CF 5W/30 is designed to meet all these challenges to the lubricant systems.

Synplus SN/CF 5W/30 meets or exceeds the following demanding performance requirements:
API SN: the newest passenger car gasoline engine oil service category requiring improved oxidation resistance and deposit protection which today’s smaller higher output engines demand, better wear protection for valve trains and reduced evaporative loss with less requirement for top up oil. API SN oils provide better low-temperature performance over the life of the oil, extended oil drain intervals in line with the engine manufacturers’ recommendations, and extended life for catalytic converters.
ACEA C3: Synplus SN/CF 5W/30 may also be used where oil meeting ACEA C3 is specified. ACEA C3 calls for stable stay-in-grade oils intended for use as a catalyst compatible lubricants in vehicles with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and Three Way Catalysts (TWC) in high performance car and light van diesel and gasoline engines. These oils will help prolong the life of the DPF and TWC.
GM DXS 2: Synplus SN/CF 5W/30 meets the requirements of the GM DXS 2 grade which call for excellent protection for the modern diesel vehicles with advanced pollution control equipment. DXS 2 is implemented to limit certain chemical components to prolong catalyst life and protect the emission reduction systems.
Daimler Chrysler MB229.51: Synplus SN/CF 5W/30 can be used where MB229.51 is called for. The synthetic formulation meets the extended drain requirements of Mercedes Benz. Its lower volatility will reduce the evaporation of lighter oil fractions which would lead to oil thickening, contaminant concentration and increased oil consumption.
BMW Longlife LL-04: Synplus SN/CF 5W/30 meets the environmentally driven BMW Longlife-04 oil standard. The low-SAPS formula keeps the engine and exhaust system clean which reduces harmful emissions. Low-SAPS technology helps reduce blocking in BMW’s particulate filters. Suitable for petrol and diesel models.
ACEA A3/B4 and A3/B3: Suitable for use in vehicles manufactured prior to 2009 requiring the ACEA  A3/B4 or A3/B3 performance levels.

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Synplus 5W/30 SN/CF

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Full synthetic oil for petrol and light diesel engines

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