GEAR OIL GL-5 85W/140

Code: HI4-2449

GEAR OIL GL-5 85W/140

Product Code: HI4-2449

Product Benefit
Designed to provide improved:

  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • Much Improved Oil Seal Life
  • Much Improved Durability (Gear Surface Life)
  • Much Improved Corrosion Protection to Yellow Metals under both wet and dry conditions.


Hi-Tec Gear Oil 85W/140 GL5  meet or exceed the requirements of:

  • API GL-5
  • MIL-L-2105D


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Hi-Tec GEAR OILS are superior GL-5 gear oils designed to provide: Excellent Thermal Stability, Much Improved Oil Seal Life, Much Improved Durability (Gear Surface Life), Much Improved Corrosion Protection to Yellow Metals under both wet and dry conditions.
All of these improvements overcome the growing concerns of the gear manufacturers (OEM’s – Original Equipment Manufacturers), vehicle and fleet owners relative to these performance areas when operating with the former generation of conventional hypoid extreme pressure drive train lubricants. Hi-Tec GEAR OILS are specified irrespective of service severity, for the lubrication of car, truck and tractor differentials and other final drives, transfer and steering gearboxes and manual transmissions. Special oxidation resistant paraffinic base oils combined with high performance extreme pressure (EP) additives are formulated in Hi-Tec GEAR OILS to ensure long service life to transmission drive lines.
Hi-Tec GEAR OILS provide protection against the formation of sludge, oxidation and carbonaceous deposit build-up and excessive viscosity increases, thereby ensuring long service life of transmission components. Thermal Stresses on gear oils in modern high performance transmissions have increased due to the following:-

  • Change in vehicle aerodynamics
  • Wider use of driveline retarders
  • Increased “Power Density” for transmission and rear axles
  • Extended slow speeds and high loads
  • Higher ambient temperatures
  • Higher horsepower
  • Extended warranties/reduced maintenance etc.

Excessive heat build up can occur (up to 1800C), resulting in oil degradation and increased friction and wear.
OXIDATION STABILITY: Hi-Tec GEAR OILS avoid lubricant related high temperature degradation problems of “coked” transmission synchronisers and reduced oil flow to gear and bearings (due to obstructed oil passageways or filters) so that costly transmission failures associated with lubricant do not occur.
IMPROVED DURABILITY: Hi-Tec GEAR OILS provide excellent long term protection against pitting fatigue, which is the life limiting variable of a gear set. OEM’s recognise that lubricant protection against pitting is a very important design variable for long transmission life. Field tests, laboratory spalling and power divider snap tests confirm Hi-Tec GEAR OILS ability to give long durability to gear sets.
CORROSION PROTECTION: Protection is afforded by Hi-Tec GEAR OILS to copper alloys under both wet and dry conditions. There is no corrosion causing interaction between these metals and the special EP additives incorporated in Hi-Tec GEAR OILS, as may occur with other commercially available EP additives.
GEAR TRAIN RATTLE & NOISES ELIMINATED: The “stay on” properties of the high film strength Hi-Tec GEAR OILS effectively quieten transmission drive line noise tendencies under all conditions of low speed high torque, high speed low torque and shock loading.
FOAM INHIBITORS: Hi-Tec GEAR OILS avoid the natural development of foam in transmission service. Foam is undesirable because it promotes ineffective gear lubrication with resultant premature wear.

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Mineral oil based automotive gear oil.

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