FAST 4 MA 20W/50

Code: HI1-2118

FAST 4 MA 20W/50

Product Code: HI1-2048B

Product Benefits

  • Exceptional protection against oxidation and high temperature degradation Enhanced lubrication to give maximum power and acceleration
  • High level of detergency gives superior engine cleanliness
  • Optimal clutch and gear performance
  • Reduced valve/cam/tappet wear
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability reduces deposits on piston groove and skirtareas, preventing ring sticking and protecting against coke deposit blockage
  • Outstanding protection for high speed on-road motorway and sport riding as well as off-road riding


FAST 4 MA 20W/50 Motorcycle Oil meets:

  • API: SL, CJ, CH
  • JASO: MA, MA2 (T903:2006)

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Hi-Tec Fast 4 JASO MA 20W/50 Semi Syn SL is a superior four-stroke motorcycle lubricant that has been designed to provide the highest protection for your motorcycle. It is formulated using a combination of synthetic technology oils and the latest generation of additive systems to provide a motorcycle lubricant with the ultimate value and protection level.

Hi-Tec Fast 4 JASO MA 20W/50 Semi Syn SL exceeds API SL engine oil protection level and Japanese JASO MA2 clutch performance requirements. The wide viscosity grade SAE 20W/50 provides the ideal performance combination for Australia’s climate: i.e. a thinner low temperature viscosity permitting easy start-ups in winter, and thicker high temperature viscosity providing superior performance and protection in the summer heat.

Hi-Tec Fast 4 JASO MA 20W/50 Semi Syn SL is recommended for on and off-road four- stroke motorcycles using either leaded or unleaded fuel, especially high performance Japanese and American brands motorcycles. It was specifically formulated to provide superior lubrication in Yamaha FJ1200 Engines.

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For use in high performance air-cooled two stroke engines,

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