Code: HI1-2055


Product Code: HI1-2055

Product Benefits

  • The ultimate Super High Performance engine oil for protection and performance
  • Neutralises the waste products from fuel combustion and prevent the formation of sludge
  • Pistons stay clean and piston rings are prevented from gumming up


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Hi-Tec SHP Racing 50 are a very specialised high performance four stroke racing engine oils, which are specially formulated to ensure trouble-free lubrication of all high stressed racetrack engines. These ultra-performance oils provide sustained endurance under the rigours of competition racing where engines are frequently stressed to their limits: extremes of load, turbocharging, speed and high operating temperatures. The special additive chemistry with enhanced zinc anti-wear levels employed in Hi-Tec SHP Racing 50 maximises lubricant related power output and gives complete protection against scuffing and scoring of rapidly moving engine components.
Hi-Tec SHP Racing 50 is recommended where high octane gasolines and their mixtures and other high energy fuels such as methanol and nitromethane are employed. These premium engine oils are also ideally suited to conventional cars in both city and highway motoring.
RESISTS WEAR & STRESS FAILURES. Standing starts, rapid accelerations and the high speeds of racing impose extreme loads on all engine moving parts. Hi-Tec SHP 0ils give complete protection to these highly stressed engines against scuffing, scoring and seizure. Extreme pressure and special anti-wear additives protect the moving engine parts against premature wear.
ARRESTS FOAM DEVELOPMENT. The rapid circulation of engine oil in racing engines quickly tends to promote undesirable foam formation. If not arrested, foam can quickly lead to engine seizure since the air/oil foam mixtures cannot sustain effective lubrication. Hi-Tec SHP Racing 50 is fortified with a combination of special foam inhibitors which eliminate foam development so that full-bodied lubrication is realised under arduous competition racing conditions.
PEAK PERFORMANCE. Increased RPM’s, though small, are a realisable bonus with HI-TEC SUPER HIGH PERFORMANCE RACING OILS since the lower apparent viscosity when compared to other oils results in less internal engine friction. The shear stable viscosity index improver polymers which are formulated into HI-TEC SUPER HIGH PERFORMANCE RACING OILS contribute to this special benefit. They have the ability to minimise viscosity decreases as temperatures increase so that lubrication is sustained in the critical HIGH TEMPERATURE ring belt areas. The special polymers allow, in the cooler areas of the engine, the heavily loaded bearings to sense a lower oil viscosity which further assists in reducing fluid drag thus promoting the increased engine RPM’s because of less frictional losses.
BETTER COMBUSTION – MAXIMUM POWER. HI-TEC SUPER HIGH PERFORMANCE RACING OILS employ LOW ASH additive chemistry so that deposit formation attributed to oil in the combustion zone is limited, thereby eliminating power wasting pre-detonation.
Because racing engines rely on unique engineering and design modifications to maximise high power output and high speeds, it is essential that these engines be tuned to peak performance. When deposit formation occurs in the combustion zone, increases in compression ratio result, which may promote power loss due to inefficient premature fuel ignition. Whilst auto-ignition, audible or inaudible, can be effectively tuned out of engines, it may be at the expense of power and speed and require non-standard fuels with improved anti-detonation characteristics to rectify the problem. These special fuels, however, may not be permissible in the competition event. Reduced deposit formation limits the need for these modifications.
Recommended for four stroke racing engines, normally aspirated or turbocharged, using gasoline, methanol and other high energy fuels such as nitromethane. Also for city and highway motoring.

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Suitable for high revving engines in High Performance Vehicles, 4 Stroke Motorcycles, LPG, Super, Unleaded, and Turbo Charged engines, as well as light diesels (both normally aspirated and turbo charged)

Chemical Characteristics

Product Code 2055 2054 2056, Density, Kg/Lt at 15.0oC D.1298 0.889 0.895 0.906, Viscosity, cSt at 100oC D.445 21.5 29.0 26.25 at 40oC D.445 215 330 285, Viscosity Index D.2270 120 120 120, Pour Point, oC D.97 – 27 -24 -27, Flash Point, COC, oC D.92 246 250 248, Ash, Sulphated % Mass D.874 1.15 1.04 1.04, Total Base Number D.2896 7.65 7.62 7.62, Foaming Characteristics – All Sequences D.892 Nil Nil Nil, Zinc, % Mass P308 0.22 0.15 0.15, Phosphorus, % Mass D.1091 0.20 0.13 0.13, Nitrogen, % Mass – 0.07 0.07 0.07, Calcium, % Mass – 0.24 0.24 0.24


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