Code: HI1-2030A


Product Code: HI1-2030A

Product Benefits

  • Longer Engine Life
  • Black Sludge Beaten
  • High Temperature Performance
  • Rust & Corrosion


Hi-Tec Premier Super 70 SAE 25W/70 meets:

  • API: SG/CD
  • FORD M2C.153E (D & C), GM 6085M, 6048M


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Hi-Tec Super 70 (SAE 25W/70) is a very specialised “energy saving” engine oil for naturally aspirated and turbocharged four stroke gasoline passenger car and motorcycle engines. It meets and exceeds the API Service Classifications SG/CD. It gives vastly improved protection resistance against engine wear, high temperature oxidation deposits and sludge formation as well as protection against low temperature “black sludge” development.
LONGER ENGINE LIFE. Hi-Tec Super 70 provides increased engine life since the minimal wear rates associated with quality SF engine oil are decreased by at least 30%. Newly developed anti-wear additives minimise wear, under all service conditions to rings, cylinders, bearings, timing gear, valve train and all moving engine surfaces.
BLACK SLUDGE BEATEN. The increased levels of powerful dispersants and detergents of Hi-Tec Super 70 maintain clean engines under all service conditions. The special active ashless dispersants inhibit formation of Black Sludge especially under the constant cold temperature operation of urban motoring which is a major cause of this harmful sludge. Engine passages are kept clean to ensure full-bodied lubricant reaches every critical engine component requiring lubrication.
HIGH TEMPERATURE PERFORMANCE is enhanced by the careful selection of thermally stable base oils, oxidation inhibitors and detergents. High temperature deposits and lacquers associated with oxidation and nitration (which occurs in lean burn fuelled engines) are avoided so that peak engine performance is always available under the extremes of sustained high speed highway motoring. Viscosity thickening is a parameter of oxidation. Hi-Tec Super 70 contributes to less oxidation and more protection from piston deposits compared to conventional SF engine oils (when tested in the ASTM Sequence IIIE engine).
FUEL ECONOMY. “Energy Saving” benefits are available by the inclusion of new generation friction reducing chemistry in Hi-Tec Super 70. Reducing friction decreases engine drag so that engine power efficiency is increased resulting in less litres of fuel per 100 kilometres.
RUST & CORROSION. Protection by high levels of alkali reserve additives neutralises those acidic corrosive combustion products which have been scavenged past the rings. Rust inhibitors overcome the rust prone condensation tendencies in cooling engines after engine shut-down.

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Mineral Oil for 4 Stroke engines

Chemical Characteristics

Density, kg/Lt at 15oC D.1298 0.898, Viscosity, cSt at 100oC D.445 26 at 40oC D.445 298, Viscosity Index D.2270 115, Pour Point, oC D.97 -24, Flash Point, COC, oC D.92 223, Total Base Number D.2896 5.3, Sulphated Ash, % Mass D.874 0.86, Phosphorus, % Mass D.1091 0.07, Zinc, % Mass A/A 0.08, Magnesium, % Mass A/A 0.10, Nitrogen, % Mass A/A 0.05, Foaming Characteristics – All Sequences, 10 Min Settling D.892 Pass, Rust Prevention Characteristics D.665 Pass


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