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Machine Oils MP provides:

  • High micro-pitting resistance as per the FVA 54/7 test
  • High bearing protection as per the FZG and FE-8 tests
  • Clean gear performance with excellent thermal and oxidative stability providing an expanded temperature operating window
  • Low sludging and deposit formation
  • Low chlorine content
  • Excellent foam control as per the Flender oil foaming test
  • Proven paint and elastomer compatibility in static and dynamic tests vs P22-8050, Nuvopur Aqua Primer 510.1.6.1400, Loctite 128068, 72 NBR 902 and 75 FKM 585
  • Excellent phosphorus retention, ensuring extended wear protection
  • Very strong demulsibility performance
  • Ashless


Machine Oils MP is recommended where high loads, low speeds and/or high-temperature conditions occur such as in:

  • Wind turbines
  • Steel production and paper making
  • Heavy duty industrial journals, plain and anti-friction bearings, chain drives and slide guides
  • Industrial enclosed gear drives lubricated by splash or circulation methods.

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Machine Oil MP 150 is a premium micro-pitting resistant industrial extreme pressure gear and bearing oil with Flender approved performance especially suitable where high loads and slow speeds and high temperatures are encountered. Machine Oil MP 150 uses a unique blend of ashless extreme pressure and anti-wear additive technology to produce a gear oil with Flender performance.

It provides strong wear, corrosion and oxidation protection, and clean gear performance whilst exhibiting low deposit formation and retaining high phosphorus levels throughout the life of the oil, thus providing long term protection. Machine Oil MP 150 has excellent anti-friction characteristics for use in bearings, steel transmissions and gear units. Machine Oil MP 150 is especially suitable for helical, bevel and planetary gear units.