Hi-Tec Batteries

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Hi-Tec Batteries

Hi-Tec Batteries is an Australian owned company with over 30 years of combined experience in the industry. Hi-Tec Batteries offers batteries for all applications ranging from the smallest portable batteries to the largest industrial batteries

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Types of batteries we sell:

  • Automotive Batteries
  • Commercial Batteries
  • Marine and Leisure Batteries
  • Lawn Mower Batteries
  • Optima AGM Batteries
  • Odyssey AGM Batteries
  • Braille Lithium Batteries
  • Hi-Power AGM Batteries
  • Hi-Power Lithium Batteries
  • Battery Accessories

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As well as supplying products from reputable manufacturers in the U.S.A and the Asia Pacific, Hi-Tec Batteries manufacture their own product from China in order to strengthen quality available to the Australian market.

As a result of worldwide demand on Chinese manufacturing, quality has greatly increased and has forced many small mediocre factories to close, allowing Hi-Tec Batteries to select the top of the range batteries from the largest state of the art plants and therefore guaranteeing reliable products of premium quality.

We aren’t just a supplier, Hi-Tec Batteries offer you the highest quality products, comprehensive service, advice, quick delivery, and affordability.

Hi-Tec Batteries personalized service has enabled us to become one of the fastest-growing suppliers in the Australian market.

To view our extensive range of products browse our website.

We look forward to you starting your day with Hi-Tec “The Positive Start”.