Code: HI5- 2922


Product Code: HI5-2922(68)

Product Benefit

  • Safer for users and in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Environmentally friend and easily biodegradable
  • Lower in toxicity – free from heavy metals
  • Provides enhanced in performance characteristics

*Also available ISO 32, 46 and 68

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Bio-Hydraulic Oils V Type are biodegradable ISO grade hydraulic lubricants containing vegetable oil based esters and high performance additive packages. They are designed to meet the requirements of ISO 15380:2002, are classified under ISO 6743-4 as Type HETG and are biodegradable according to OECD 301B.
Bio-Hydraulic Oils V Type do not contain mineral lubricating oils: they are based on high quality vegetable oil esters, which in comparison with mineral oil based lubricants are more easily biodegraded, less hazardous and more suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas. They are much less likely to cause any harm to soil, waterways or other parts of the environment than mineral oil based lubricants.
Bio-Hydraulic Oils V Type display excellent viscosity – temperature characteristics due to the high inherent viscosity index of vegetable oil esters. Their optimum operating temperature range is from -10oC to 65oC.
Compared with mineral oil based lubricants Bio-Hydraulic Oils V Type are:

  • Safer for users and the environment
  • More easily biodegradable
  • Lower in toxicity – free from heavy metals
  • Enhanced in performance characteristics
  • Less changeable in viscosity as operating temperatures increase due to higher viscosity index

Higher in lubricity resulting in lower equipment operating temperatures Bio-Hydraulic Oils V Type were developed to meet and exceed the current requirements of the agricultural, forestry, heavy engineering, construction and marine equipment industries. Bio-Hydraulic Oils V Type can be used in mobile or stationary equipment such as forklifts, cranes, tractors, graders, bulldozers, hoists, marine equipment, mining equipment, ski lifts etc. and are particularly suited to use in environmentally sensitive areas such as;

  • National or State parks
  • Near or on waterways
  • Recreational areas
  • Road, rail and tramways
  • Local Government Maintenance Vehicles
  • Water, Electricity, Telecommunication and Gas Service providers etc.

Hi-Tec Oils suggests that the equipment manufacturers’ recommendations for viscosity grade, performance requirements and general operating conditions should be checked prior to use.
Bio-Hydraulic Oils V Type are fully miscible and compatible with mineral oils therefore changing to Bio-Hydraulic Oils V Type is simple as no prior system flushing is required.
Bio-Hydraulic Oils V Type contain ester components which may be incompatible with certain elastomers used as seals, hoses or other components. Prior to full scale commercial use it is recommended that compatibility with system components is determined by the user. For further advice contact your local reseller or supplier.
Avoid contamination with water. Where possible drying equipment should be used and water drained after any shutdown period.

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32 HI5-2909, 46 HI5-2917, 68 HI5-2922


Vegetable oil based hydraulic fluid

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