Anti-bacterial Handwash

Code: HE8-1122-0450

Anti-bacterial Handwash

Product Description:

Anti-bacterial Handwash is a concentrated liquid hand soap with moisturising ingredients to prevent skin from drying out. It foams readily even in hard water and leaves hands feeling soft and smooth but not sticky. An added germicide kills 99.9% of germs ensuring hands are left practically germ free.

Directions for Use:

Apply a small quantity to the skin, work into a lather whilst adding water and then rinse thoroughly with ample water.

Typical Properties:

  • Appearance: Amber coloured liquid
  • Odour: Pleasant fragrance
  • pH: 7-8 (neutral)
  • Specific Gravity: Approximately 1.0-1.1
  • Boiling Point: Approximately 100oC

Available in 450ml

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